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  Sandy Storey-Moon Art
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Big Red Flower
Big Red Flower is an acrylic painting using plaster as a partially sculpted piece giving the painting a light texture.  Big Red Flower, gives the viewer the feel they could curl up in the flower in the depth of layers as we see in nature.  On closer view one can see hues of pink, green, yellow, red, orange, brown, black, white is subtle fashion as in nature.  The viewer steps in to the field of flowers seeing a close up view of the stamen and pistil, the flowers center as though they are looking through a telescope, with all the beauty so close that the viewer can see the layers and colors bursting with delicate hues.   Big Red Flower, is an acrylic painting by newcomer to the art world Sandy Storey-Moon, an artist who uses bright colors and nature in many of her abstract design that are often partially sculpted into the canvas  colorful, bright and cheery gifts of nature’s wildlife floral’s.  
Choir of Angels
One of the favorite subjects of newcomer, artist Sandy Storey-Moon, is angels or spiritual souls in another dimension of the heavens, as seen in, Choir of Angels, sculpted acrylic painting. Ms. Storey-Moon, sculpts her subjects in, Choir of Angels, on canvas with plaster and beautiful hues of  gold and varied shades of blue and white in acrylic paints.  These angels in Ms. Storey- Moon’s, Choir of Angels gives the viewer the feeling they too are part of the choir. The vivid expressions on each angels face as they prepare to sing before the heavens beautiful songs the viewer can only imagine what would be as a lovely symphony or opera pouring forth feelings and emotions from what the viewer can see from the faces captured on canvas, by Ms. Storey-Moon.   
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